Automatic Posting on Instagram

Unfortunately that's against Instagram's TOS and the API does not allow us to do so.

Socialdraft allows you and your team members to create content for Instagram. When it is time to publish, Socialdraft sends an SMS to the person assigned to that account so that they can then publish the post.

The video below shows you how you an schedule posts to Instagram, as well as a few other Instagram features we offer.

The risk of using 3rd-party applications that claim to post directly to Instagram

There are some apps that have illegally reverse-engineered the Instagram API so that they can automatically post directly to Instagram for users. You might think this is a clever way to get around the posting issue, but it is in direct violation of Instagram’s Platform Policy, which states, “Don’t reverse engineer the Instagram APIs or any of Instagram’s apps.”

You’re taking a massive risk by using a 3rd-party software that reverse engineers the Instagram API so that you can schedule content that automatically posts. When you use an app that attempts to post to Instagram in ways that are not authorized, you may experience one or more of the following consequences:

1. Deleted content

Your (or your client's) published media could be deleted from Instagram. This has happened to many users.

2. Banned account

Instagram can ban or delete your account for violating Instagram’s terms and policies.

3. Security breach

You may lose access to your account or it may be hacked. Keep security in mind when you use an app by a developer you don’t know and who is not an official Instagram partner.

No matter how reliable the platform or how fine-tuned your security practices are, there is still a risk. Major companies in the social media space have had security breaches of colossal scale. If established companies with security teams can still experience security issues, then a third-party tool that uses APIs inappropriately and doesn’t use best security practices is even more vulnerable.

Would you post your Instagram login and password to a public webpage or a forum? Of course not! By providing them to a company you don’t know and is probably headquartered in a country you’ve never been to, you’re potentially doing that.

4. Legal Action

If you are posting for a client and knowingly violate the term of service of Instagram your client can take legal action against you for violating your contract. Do you want to go to mediation over posting pictures online? Not worth it.

5. Open your Computer to viruses

As with the risk of security breaches with your password you can also experience installable malware from these 3rd-party sites in that they usually aren't protected against. Many of these illegal tools are "fly by night" software companies only looking to make a quick "buck" from users then offering no support when issues arise. Various software firms in this "greyhat" space open and close weekly so if a virus or penalty hits your account you have no way of protecting yourself.

Why increase that risk?

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