Can I manage a team with Socialdraft

You betcha!

Socialdraft allows you to have team members at the Team accounts level. This level account gives Admins the ability to manage sub-users and control post-approval rules. Teams can also collaborate using out Tasks feature.

There are various types of team members:

  • Owner - has complete control of the dahsboard
  • Admin - can't add or remove social media accounts, can't delete team members, can't edit back of the house items (example - change a credit card)
  • Subuser - Can be given access to social media accounts and features
  • Managed Subuser - Same as a subuser, but their content will not publish until it has been approved by an owner or admin
  • Guest - Can be given access to one or various calendars. Will be able to view the content and leave a comment with feedback, but will not be able to edit, delete or re-schedule

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