How to share a link and a photo in a Social Post.

You can craft link + photo posts either via the calendar or via our CSV upload.

On The Calendar

1. Click on the date you want to publish.

2. Enter your write up and link.

3. Click the "x" on the link preview.

4. Click "upload image"

5. Select the image.

6. Click insert.

7. Choose the social networks you want the post to publish to.

8. Select the time or let Socialdraft choose for you with TrueTime.

9. Click "Insert Post".

You're done!


If you are using the Socialdraft CSV bulk schedule feature, Add the link in the "share link" field, and add the URL for the image on the "Share Image" field.

To get the image, simply right click on the image you want to share and copy the URL from the address bar.

Make sure that the image is publically available, for example...if you are using Dropbox, the image must be public.

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