I cannot connect my Pinterest account

Due to recent changes in the Pinterest API, you might experience issues with connecting an account on Socialdraft. But we created a workaround for this while we're working with Pinterest on a fix.

Just follow the steps below.

1. Follow Socialdraft's Pinterest account (www.pinterest.com/socialdraft/) using the account you want to connect to Socialdraft.

2. Message us via live chat support and inform that you want to connect a Pinterest account to your Socialdraft account. Provide the URL to the Pinterest account you want to be connected, make sure you followed step 1 before doing this.

3. Our team will process the request and will inform you once you're set.

4. Once informed that you are set, log-in to your Socialdraft account, go to settings and under 'social profiles' connect your Pinterest account.

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