I cannot log in to my account

There can be a few reasons while this is happening.

1. If you are the main account user, this might be due to an issue with your payment. Please check your connected Credit Card and make sure it is not expired.

2. This could be a cache or cookie issue with your browser. Please follow the troubleshooting steps below.

- Go to your browser's settings and clear cookies and cache
- Delete saved passwords for app.socialdraft.com
- Restart your browser and try logging in

3. If you are a sub-user, there can be a couple of reasons

- The main account holder where your account is under changed your log-in credentials recently. We recommend you to contact the main account holder if there's a recent change in your log-in credentials or for them to reset your account password.
- There is an issue with the payment of your main account holder. Please refer them to #1.

If you still cannot access your account, please reach out to our live chat support so we can further assist you.

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