How can an account owners approve all Social Posts

Socialdraft is a great tool for teams. It allows you to set up your team members with different permissions and levels. There are 4 levels of users:

  1. Owner: This is the person that owns the account. They have access to all areas of the dashboard and can set up permissions for other users. They can add and delete users.
  2. Manager***: Managers can approve sub user posts for the social networks they are given access to.
  3. Sub-user: This type of user is given permissions by the owner.
    • Feature Access: You decide what features this user has access to: Instagram tools, Inbox, Alerts
    • Managed Posts: You decide if this user's content needs to be approved prior to publishing. If you have not approved a post within 24 hours of its posting time, Socialdraft will send you an email reminder to log on and review the post.
  4. Guest***: Guests can be given access to just certain areas of the site. Great if you have clients that need a bit more access to your work. You can give guests access to a specific calendar for a social network. They are only able to see the calendar and comment on posts to give feedback. Guests are not able to re-schedule, move, delete, or duplicate posts.


The above is a tutorial video on how to approve a sub user's post.

  1. Click on the post that needs to be approved. Posts that need to be approved are greyd out so that they are easy to locate.
  2. Check the post. If anything needs to be edited, click edit.
  3. Make your edits.
  4. Once you are happy with the content, click approve.
  5. Once the page refreshes, the post color will change to match that of its appropriate social network.

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