What happens if I cancel my subscription but paid a month in advance?

Your account will still be active until the next billing period. You will also have the option to pause your account instead of cancel, to do this just follow the steps below.

  • Log-in to your Socialdraft account
  • Under Settings go to Account
  • Under Billing Information, click CHANGE BILLING DETAILS

This will direct you to your unique billing portal page where you can PAUSE your account or change billing details.

*Pausing your account means that you will no longer be charged and that Socialdraft will no longer have access to any of your social media profiles. By pausing your account, you will be able to more easily access past information and scheduled should you need to.

In case you decide to cancel, please message us via the live chat support so you can give your honest feedback about Socialdraft. This will help us improve our system even more.

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