What is Socialdraft?

Socialdraft is a social media platform that allows teams and individuals promote themselves easily on the top social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram). Socialdraft is a standalone web app that give your insights on how your social media campaigns are going, easy ways to schedule them and team collaboration tools to enhance your reach.

Some of the main in-app features

Content Calendar: Socialdraft puts all of your content in one easy to read calendar. It’s a great way to visualize a social content calendar. Much easier than crazy excel sheets. You can also Drag & Drop posts to reschedule or reuse them. It’s just easy.

TrueTime™: Socialdraft analyses when your content gets the most engagement and suggest a time of the day which your content will pop. Maximize your reach and get more love.

Analytics & Reporting: Generate reporting for all your social media campaigns on Facebook & Twitter. Get deep insights on how you are growing your audience. Easily share it with any stakeholders in the organization or provide white label reports to your clients (with your own logo).

Photos: Automatically watch what people are saying about your brand or competitors on Instragram. Like the photo? Reshare it with one click via our dashboard

Online Support: Our team is online M-S 9am-5pm EST to help you if you get stuck, have questions, or need a little advice. Just grab us in the chat window at the bottom of your screen.

Team Collaboration: You can set up team members (or clients) to have access to only certain social accounts. This makes for super easy collaboration. You get 5 collaborators at the Team Level and 10 at the Business level.

Alerts: Set up alerts to let you know whenever your brand or business is mentioned online.

Bitly: Use your own bitly shortener (when you create a post, we automatically shorten it for you).

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